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WILSON SAVOY, Cajun accordion, piano & vocals, GRAMMY WINNER 2012 for Best Regional Roots, has played accordion for most of his life, having been given as a child a hand-built accordion by his renown father, Marc Savoy. The accordion was built from the wood of a sassafras tree that was planted by Wilson's grandfather. It was not until Wilson moved to Baton Rouge to study at the University where he became completely addicted to playing and progressing on the accordion, inspired by the styles of his heroes, Iry Lejeune, Amede Ardoin and naturally his father, Marc Savoy. The piano was his first musical love, having begun boogie-woogie styles at the age of 10, inspired by the music of Louisiana wild man, Jerry Lee Lewis.  


Wilson has taught Cajun Music Ensemble at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for 3 years, and continues to teach one-on-one lessons through the University, all through the Tommy Comeaux Endowment. Wilson was awarded the key to the city of Lafayette in April 2013 by Mayor Joey Durel. 


Wilson has appeared on HBO's "Treme" playing the role of himself in three episodes, as well as the film "All the King's Men" with Sean Penn and John Goodman. Wilson continues to travel with the Pine Leaf Boys, as well as the Savoy Family Band (mom, dad, and brother Joel), as well as his Grammy award-winning group, "Courtbouillon."  

CHRIS SEGURA, fiddle and vocals, is the newest member of the Pine Leaf Boys, who stepped up to the bandstand in 2020 when Courtney Granger, the long-time Pine Leaf Boy since 2008, became too sick to travel any longer.  

Chris Segura has played music since a child, starting his musical career with La Band Feufollet.   He began building violins in the mid 2010s, and stopped traveling to pursue his love of building and repairing fiddles.  His fiddle style is known as being bluesy and soulful and quite hoppy, as he sometimes hops while playing fiddle.


JEAN DUTILE BERTRAND, guitars, was raised in the thriving hub of Jeff Davis Parish that is Pine Island or Crapeauville where he began life as a cowboy. He began playing guitar and quickly became a rhythm machine, playing with Dexter Ardoin, Cory McCauley, and the Lost Bayou Ramblers. 

Jon's major influences are Cory McCauley, Harry Choates, the Hackberry Ramblers, Iry LeJeune, Austin Pitre, and Sonny Meaux. Jon completed his studies at UL in French. Jon is a rocker, and he is influenced by many groups, not just Cajun.

DREW SIMON, drums & vocals, Drew Simon was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and developed an interest in Cajun music in his late teens.  At 18, he started playing drums and singing with his brother in a local group called Acadien.  

Soon after, he learned how to play the accordion, guitar, and bass and developed a great passion for singingsome of the forgotten cajun classics by the likes of Belton Richard, Lawrence Walker, Philip Alleman, Vorence Barzas and the Balfa Brothers. Drew is strictly a traditionalist, playing and singing in a style which has been described as a "simple, older, blue collared cajun." 

 As he sits behind the drumset or the accordion, he hopes to bring back some of the memories, spirit, and soul of a generation long ago, of Cajun musicians who told their life sorrows and pains through their music. He is currently a graduate from in Anthropology.

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THOMAS DAVID, bass, was born and raised in Lafayette, LA.  By the age of 8 he was playing drums alongside his father, Ken David, bassist with Jambalaya Cajun Band.  At age 16, his father bought an upright bass and Thomas immediately fell in love with the instrument, and Thomas quickly became become a rock-solid bass player in both Cajun and Zydeco music. 

Thomas’ influences are Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel, D.L. Menard, Jambalaya Cajun Band, Aldus Roger, Adam Hebert and his biggest, his Dad. 

Thomas also enjoys walks on the beach and aspires to one day live inside a canoe.

In loving memory of long-time Pine Leaf fiddler from 2008 to 2021, Courtney Granger- who passed away due to health problems in September 2021.  Here is the bio we presented on our friend, Courtney

COURTNEY GRANGER, fiddle & vocals, was born in Eunice, Louisiana where he lives today. Master fiddler andextraordinary strong singer, Courtney hails from the Balfa family lineage, which is evident in his powerful vocals and heavily Balfa-influenced fiddling. Courtney produced his own solo CD in the mid 90s, which brought him praise from the Cajun music scene, landing him several CFMA awards. In 1999, Courtney joined Balfa Toujours on bass and fiddle, playing alongside the great Kevin Wimmer. Courtney has also recorded with the legendary Tim O'Brien.

Courtney’s endless repertoire of both Cajun and classic country tunes, as well his impeccable thoughtful fiddling and soulful singing, has made him one of the most sought-after Cajun fiddlers in the world, playing with legends Jason Frey, Dirk Powell, and Horace Trahan. The Pine Leaf Boys are honored to share the stage with Courtney, who joined the group in summer 2008.

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