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Grammy Nominated

From Pine Leaf Boy Wilson Savoy:

Back Home is dedicated to all the musicians from whom we learned this beautiful music and to the dance halls where they played hundreds of dances throughout the years gone by. Times have changed, and with time, the music changed. We have worked extraordinarily hard to preserve Cajun French in our music, but at the same time, we remember that we live our day-to-day lives in English and hear records of the legends of Cajun music, from Lawrence Walker's "Allons Rock 'n Roll" to various blues and one-steps. We are not too proud to sing a few songs in Engish. This album is a tribute to not only the musicians and dance halls, but also to the dancers who remind us that we are playing for them to two-step, waltz, slow dance and go wild.

We would like to thank you for listening to this album and coming out to the dance to hear real live music. With all the distractions of today's life from TV to computers to cinemas and jukebox bars, we are humbled to have the support of all the dancers who continue to visit us at dancehalls all over the country and the world from Breaux Bridge to Latvia, Lafayette to Saudi Arabia, New Orleans to Estonia. visit valcourrecords.com for more music


Track List
1. Je T'aime Toujours
2. Chère Chérie
3. Allons Rock 'n Roll
4. Pour La Dernière Fois
5. Fool
6. The Wedding March
7. Cajun from Church Point
8. What's the Matter with My Baby
9. I'd Like to Try Again
10. Blues de Cajun
11. You're Mine Forever
12. Whiskey C'est Mon Ami
13. La Valse de 'Tit Oiseau
14. Ton Papa M'a Jeté Dehors
15. The Sound of Loneliness
16. Eunice Two-Step

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Homage au Passe cover

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Grammy Nominated

After nearly five months of being available only as a digital release, the Pine Leaf Boys' new Grammy-nominated album "Homage au Passé" (Homage to the Past) is finally available to audiences! This album is complete with a beautiful booklet containing stories and all the words (French and English) to the songs!

Just in time for Mardi Gras '09, Homage au Passé, equiped with an arsenal of two new musicians (the slick, young vieille-manière Cajun fiddler Courtney Granger on fiddle and the funky stylings of Thomas David on bass), may very well be the best album ever released by the Pine Leaf Boys. See below for a few reviews and song samples.

"The Boys charge out of the gate with the festive toe-tapper, "Festival Acadiens Two Step," a lively tribute by Granger to one of Lafayette, Louisiana's most popular annual events. "Country Playboy Special" bops and stomps behind Drew Simon's hearty vocalizing and ebullient accordion solos, to which Granger adds his own spirited fiddling. Guitarist Jon Betrand cuts out on a trebly, stone-country guitar solo to further enliven "Country Playboy Special," then returns a couple of cuts later with another blazing solo on the foot-stomping, rockabilly-flavored barnburner, "J'Suis Gone Pour Me Saouler," a song built to rock the house to its foundation. A shambling, shuffling drinking song from the Balfa Brothers, "Parlez Nous a Boire," has enough of a loosey-goosey feel in its rough-cut harmonizing and woozy instrumental solos to convince you the principals themselves were well lubricated before tearing into it. At the album's close the band returns to its introspective mode for a sweet, sincere treatment of "I'll Always Take Care of You," one of many stellar contributions made to country music by Monroe, Louisiana's favorite son, Webb Pierce (whose English lyrics are translated to Cajun French here), with Bertrand and Granger enhancing the tear-stained mood with emotionally evocative fiddle and guitar solos, respectively." - the Bluegrass Special


Track titles
The first five are samples

  1. Festival Acadiens Two Step
  2. T'es Pas La Même
  3. Country Playboy Special
  4. Je veux rester avec Toi
  5. J'suis gone pour me Saouler
  6. Newport Waltz
  7. Je Cherche Tout Partout
  8. Parlez Nous à Boire
  9. J'ai Fait Une Grosse Erreur
  10. La Delaysay
  11. Catin, Catin
  12. I'll Always Take Care of You



Steve Riley: Beginner Accordion
Steve Riley: Beginner Cajun Accordion

Wilson DVD

Wilson Savoy: Accordion In-Depth DVD

A new approach to learning Cajun music: Wilson Savoy introduces a never-before-used method of teaching Cajun rhythm and improvisation through his accordion. The most important ingredients to Cajun music - syncopation and rhythm - are never taught or even touched upon. To teach these two aspects of Cajun music, which are equally important (if not more important) than precise melody, Wilson Savoy has chosen 5 tunes, which also are rarely taught in sessions.

The Steve Riley Cajun Accordion Instructional DVD for Intermediate to Advanced players. The waiting is up. After years of demand and questions, Steve Riley, acclaimed and famed accordionist with the Mamou Playboys has finally sat down and made a instructional accordion DVD, featuring five intricate songs from his past two decades of recordings.


Corey Ledet Triple Row Accordion DVD


Mitch Reed Instructional Cajun Fiddle DVD

The second in the series from Almena instructional music lessons. This film, over an hour in length, is one of Wilson's favorite films. Corey's humor and personality make the film fun to watch, even for those not learning accordion. The extras include new music and a short film about Corey's musical career and the ever-enduring climb up the musical ladder, following in his mentor, Clifton Chenier. Mitch Reed has taught Cajun fiddle for years, travelling to nearly every music camp around the country, equipped with an arsenal of Cajun tunes and the patience of a monk. It was Mitch who first gave Wilson his first fiddle lesson, and it was so well taught, that Wilson became ever more inspired to continue learning. This film will do the same for you.